server/host search

Hello again all! I've been gone for a very long time in search for a good server/host. I've been loyal to Geocities for the past 5 years, but as a reward, they took off the FTP, remote loading, and others I forgot. And Tripod, I thought they provided 50MB? when I tried to upload past the 21MB mark, they said I was exceeding the quota. They pulled the limit down to 20MB. F2S was a good one (although slow and unreliable), but it's gone now. allowed hosting before (unlimited bandwidth/space, as long as site is game-related).

I'm providing wallpapers (anime/games). My site is now 23MB large. But I provide zipped BMP format wallpapers and they are 185MB large (but I can do without them).

Please help me find a good server. I don't even use frames (I don't like frames on my site). I don't even use high-tech-whachamacallit-javascript-applet-etc-etc-etc. Please help...