Sewer Shark

Im just curious...

Sewer Shark for the mcd.

Besides being a godawful game, had some good points.

I liked the movie sequences with that fat italian guy!

So I was very curious about the ending!

But I never finished it.

I always died after the sequence of that Italian guy sitting at the swimmingpool, changing your name from dogmeat to:....something with maggot in it I think?

Does someone EVER finish this game?????

I think I am the only one who liked fmv games!

(that was the reason in the first place for buying a cd-operated system back then, for me...)!
when you beat it, the fat guys running away and bumps into Falco and she says "Your Shark Bait!" and she punches him in the face and he falls down, next thing you see is the Fat guy rolling down the Solar City Beach shore inside a tire and then hes floating out to sea yelling "Ill get you Beach Bum!! Ill get you!" And alas Ghost spends the rest of his days on the Solar City Beach doing Falco!
I didn't think the game was THAT bad. Got a little tedious and frustrating, but it kept me entertained for a while. Not bad for $.39 at Funcoland back in the day

if only you could save your progress instead of having to start over
on the 3do its alot easier to see than the sega cd but they are the same, when you hear ghost say recharge comin up!! look at the top of the screen and there will be a row of some lights, one side will be green and the other red, you want to make the ship turn toward the green lights as fast as possible and it will send you through the recharge tunnel, and be careful every time you shoot the gun massive amounts of energy gets wasted so ONLY shoot when you need to kill something. and if you miss the creatures they scratch the ship causing massive energy loss as well so kill everything you can! and if you get to the moles you MUST kill them or they WILL KILL YOU!! If you start to massivly overheat hit "C" and it will cool your ship down! enjoy your trip!! oh yeah, say hello to the zergs for me.