SFV files question

I'm sort of new to sfv files but i recently downloaded a game and i got all the files and there's this one sfv file and i was wondering how do you extract the files out of it cause i have tried winrar and winace but there not the right type of programs. i also found alot of other programs but all they seem to do is verify the files and the files are ok. i just need to know how to extract them.

any help is appriciated. thank you.
The SFV file is just check the integrity of your d/l. It isn't part of the archive.

In other words, if you can't extract the ACE or RAR volumes the SFV will let you figure out which one you have to d/l again. Or which one to repair if the u/l-er was thoughtful enough to use the recovery record option when creating the archive.

For extracting, WinRAR 2.9 is my personal fave. It does everything you'll ever need in the world of compressing and extracting very very well.

Good luck, and have fun.