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Does anyone know anything about using sound effects in SGL? The manuals say it can be done, mentions 2 tools for Macintosh that are used to edit and convert the wave data for use on the Saturn. I just need to know if there are PC equivalents to these tools or if there was another way to handle sound data.

I probably should've put this under my last post since their both kinda related.

Once again, any help or advice is appreciated. Right! See ya!! :)
To play sound with SGL, you apparently need to build the SGL sound driver. I have no idea how to do this.

edit: try page 272 of the SGL tutorial doc (237-r1.pdf) if you have it. If not:

Basically, you need to load the sound driver (which is available as "sddrvstsk" by including sddrvs.dat) with a call to slInitSound. The simpler example call looks like this:

char sound_map[] = {0xff , 0xff};

slInitSound(sddrvstsk , sizeof(sddrvstsk) , (Uint8 *)sound_map , sizeof(sound_map));

I'm rather clueless on the sound map thing, as I can't find it in the SGL reference.

Then you can use the SGL sound functions (I think :)). I assume the main ones you want are:




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edit: had the wrong filename for the SGL tutorial PDF...

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The tools were only for mac.

iirc, you need to use the 68k compiler to build the sound driver. I also thought I saw sega's SDDRVS source code included in the SGL.

166-R4.pdf has information on using area maps, etc. You just have to rummage through it.

SlPCM* is fine for plain old raw PCM effects. But if you plan on using any sequence-based effects as well, read up also on SlSequence*

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Yeah! 'slPCMOn()' works right. But...I think I will study 'slSequence' anyway. Programming is one of those things where "Its better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it" (Uh, I think I said that right :)). Plus, there's probably a great use for it if I can figure it out.

Thanks for the help you two! Okay, take care!