shadowrun on segacd?

Just heared from a dude that there is a port of the cyberpunk rpg shadowrun in the segacd, anyone played it? have seen pretty cool pics of it.
I have it.

It's a graphical adventure game, in the likes of Snatcher, Policenauts and the Megami Tensei games.

And, as most graphical adventure games, it's in Japanese only. The game has nice graphics, and a good sound track, but I only played a few minutes of it. I need to find time to get into it.
I also have it, but it's still in it's original package and never opened so I never played it but I guess it looks the same as the Genesis version
nope, I got this for a hardcore Shadowrun fan, even he couldnt figure it out, see it is like Snatcher but all Japanese, so you dont know what to do! He and I couldnt even pass the first screen so good luck!
I got past the first screen. Basically I just babbled with the other characters, watched the funny pictures of people when they talk, figured out how to save the game, and got to the next screen. It took me a while and I had to talk to multiple people, etc. After I realized the game was going to be like this the whole way, I quit. Its no good if I don't understand a bit of whats going on!

Note: It is absolutely NOTHING like the Genesis Shadowrun, which is a great game. Shadowrun for Genesis is a kick-ass action-rpg set in a futuristic world with magic and technology coexisting. I also like the novels, but apparently after FASA went under, some stupid company called Wizkids now owns the Shadowrun license and has been sitting on it. They should sell it if they are just going to let it go to waste, I would love more books and/or a new game.