ok, here is my problem, I own Shadowrun and the battery must be dead as it will not keep saved games anymore, I have nothing to open the cart with anymore as I lost the damned screwdriver that can open these. After I clobber the hell outta it and finally get it open what should I expect to find? a soldered down battery or what? I need it replaced asap. If I remember correctly my SNES games had ways of replacing the batteries once I got them open, but its been a long time since I opened a cart of Genesis or snes. any help will be appreciated.
hmmm I dont know much at all about this but I think there is just a lil square chip, that's the battery, I am sure sumone has a pic of one......
I have the same problem with my copy of Shadowrun. I had to turn to the emulation side and play it on my pc instead. The only thing is that I cannot play it anymore on my Nomad unless I use the code to get everything and play it all of the way through one sitting. It really sucks!
not sure about shadowrun, but i know that a lot of genesis games with a save feature just used those big lithium batteries (3102 or something?). same kind as in your standard snes game, or in a sega saturn console. and yes, it would likely be soldered into place, that was usually the standard procedure, at least in all the snes and genesis carts i've replaced the batteries in...

on another note, mcm electronics sells the security bits for a few bucks each, i think...

hope this helps.
That sucks. My copy works perfectly. I've got a high powered shaman and a juggernaut samurai in my save slots, respectively. Too bad having a 0 essence should not be possible in the Shadowrun universe - do any of you guys read the novels? They are great, too bad they don't seem to be making any more. Whoever owns the license now seems to have no interest in it... with modern storage and hardware, you could make a truly immersive Shadowrun game. Plus more books.