Shenmue US


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I've bought Shenmue 1 US and I use a DC Euro. The game doesn't boot even if I use the boot disc, it is stuck at 95%. So can someone tell me what I need to use to plays this US game on my Euro DC ?

PS : I don't want to modify my console with modchip or switch.
If you're saying 95% are you referring to the Utopia Bootdisc (sorry for my ignorance, but I never needed to use a bootdisc). If yes, you probably should try an Action Replay/Game Genie.
Yes I was talking about Utopia boot disc
it worked fine for other original jap games and US games but not for Shenmue
The utopia boot disc never managed to properly switch refresh rate for me. But the Gameshark CDX does. You should give it a try, even that my situation is a bit different (I have a brazillian DC that some games insist in detecting as 50Hz PAL, instead of 60HZ PALM, and I need the gameshark to force them into NTSC).
Yeah it's 10 quid, but DC-X works fine as well. Had it for two years and it's never failed to get any American/Japanese DC games to work.
I have the same exact problem, only the opposite. I have a US Dreamcast, and I'm trying to get a PAL Shenmue to boot on it. I'm using the Utopian Boot Disc 1.1 and it stops at 95% just like he says.

Before I buy a Gameshark/Action Replay is it a sure thing that they will boot this game? I used to have a Gameshark CD-X, and I had no idea it booted imports (otherwise I probably would have kept it).

*EDIT* I found a Gameshark Lite (same as GS CD-X, but doesn't come with the CDX memory card) for $8 on eBay and it boots up Shenmue from different region, no problem. :cheers I guess Utopian Boot Disc was made to load backups and other software not on GD-ROM. Gameshark/Action Replay was designed to load imports.