ShenSonic 1.4


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It has been a while but SimSonic has released a new version of his popular Sonic/Shenmue RPG called ShenSonic. It is a very good homebrew PC game. I really recommend you download it.

  • You can't control Sonic in Load save-screen anymore
  • The practice fight with Tazu-san doesn't come anymore if you are already looking for the mirror
  • E-mail in which you have to send your high-scores has been now changed to my correct e-mail. (Sorry for any inconvinience)
  • All things in Slot house now work correctly
  • The game doesn't freeze up anymore in the Old Warehouse District when the guards catch you. (this happens sometimes)
  • Fixed "Got to day 2 and it took away all my money" - kind of bugs.
  • Fixed a bug with ending day of the forklift job
  • Added more little details to the game
  • improved the Weather system a bit
  • Fixed some poor grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Added some actual Shenmue sound effects to fighting
  • You can now feed Megumi's cat with squid legs
  • A new easter egg has been added (you will need a interest in Sega to find it)
Wow, what a list. You can download it here.

Homepage is here.