Shining force 3 promtion?

I have read in a guide that you shouldnt promote ur characters as soon as they reach level 10, is this true and if it is why should you wait as i just promoted Dantres at level 10 before i red the guide.

Also i have the Dark Ring from after the fight with the vandal, because it is cursed is it still ok to use or should i just sell it.

I Hope someone can help thanx
I haven't played this game in over a year but I can answer your first question.

It's better to not upgrade right when you can because any stats gained after leveling past 10 can be "carried over" to your promoted character. So the later you promote, the more stats your character will have after promotion. The downside is that most of your characters will eventually gain 1 exp per kill as your level is high.

There are definately side effects to wearing cursed items but I don't remember exactly what happens (side effects can possibly differ from different cursed items). I do recall something about dealing damage to yourself though for some reason.
Thanx alot man thats has helped me, i will leave my characters for a bit, and ill experiment with the cursed ring to see what happens thanx again for the reply.
I was used to promoting at level 20 thanks to Shining Force II, so needless to say, I have some damn powerful Shining Force characters. I can contest that it will make them alot stronger than what feels as though they should be. But it was also VERY hard, it felt, to get them that high before promoting.
Wrong guys!

It's wiser to promote your characters as soon as you can cause the stats increase faster and greater when you have advanced to the next class. Sure you will have a better 1 Level char but the same time you could have an 10 Level char with far greater stats.

Example: If Synbios gains 5HP for each level before promotion and 7HP after(this doesn't happens he gain fewer but it's an example) then:

Promotion at 20 Level Promotion at 10 Level

Level HP Bonus Level HP Bonus

1 12 +5 1 12 +5

2 17 +5 2 17 +5

3 22 +5 3 22 +5

4 27 +5 4 27 +5

5 32 +5 5 32 +5

6 37 +5 6 37 +5

7 42 +5 7 42 +5

8 47 +5 8 47 +5

9 52 +5 9 52 +5

10 57 +5 10 57 +5

11 62 +5 1 62 +7

12 67 +5 2 69 +7

13 72 +5 3 76 +7

14 77 +5 4 83 +7

15 82 +5 5 90 +7

16 87 +5 6 97 +7

17 92 +5 7 104 +7

18 97 +5 8 111 +7

19 102 +5 9 118 +7

20 107 +5 10 125 +7

1promo 112 11 132

You see what I mean? Something like this happens to the other statistics (MP, SPD, ATCK, DEF...). if you try to play in the third scenario or in the Premium disc with characters promoted at 20 level you're doomed. At third scenario the 3 heroes gains a promotion called "Apostle of Light" or else "Innovator" (from Shining the Holy Ark) and to gain this promotion easier you must promote them in 10th level.
continued silender's post:

lvl 20 promotion:

lvl 1 promoted : 112hp



lvl11 promoted : 182hp

I think this is what the guide is refering to. Not relative level per level stats but that the promoted at 20 will have the benefit of 10 extra levels.

It all depends on if you have the patience to do it. I don't see why promoted at level 20 would be at a disadvantage because quite honestly only "perfectionists" would ever do it and you can bet that those guys will pretty much spend as much time as needed to catch up in levels.
Well i agree with Silender cos thats what i thought when dantres got a level up form level 1 to level 2 after being promoted he gained 2-3 points for each area e.g. Attack whereas when he was un promoted he only gained mainly 1's and sometimes 2's so being promoted would make ur attack and defense etc. increase faster then when unpromoted. Thats what i thought so thats why i asked to see what ppl thought.
jamezman you forget that a character who has been promoted at 20 level he will never be able to reach level 11 cause after some time opponents give 1 EXP and not 49 (except healers). So characters can reach a specific level in the game case of the EXP limit. If you be able to have a 11 L char who has been promoted at 20L think the stats of the 30L char who has promoted at 10!!!

I'm huge fun of the series and I've done a lot of research on any Shining game. Don't be fooled by numbers guys!
So u agree that its better to promote when when ppl get to level 10. Also i just got horst and i got a full team do u think i should take cybel out for horst cos everyone says cybel's rubbish but she seems to have a preety cool attack.

One last question what is the best weapon to have grace use i have kept her with the rod from the start but was thinking of changing.
Yes, promote them at Level 10. Grace from the start has a boost on the Ankh skill (70) instead of zero (Rod & Wand). The best weapon for Grace is Seraphim Ankh.

Here is a site which has the best walkthrough on the net and many other things about Shining Force 3.

And... yes leave Horst on the second party. He will be usefull on the final parallel battle.

EDIT: Question ---> Have you found Noon and Hagane yet? And what level is your Grace? Mine was 57 (+ 10 unpromoted levels) at the end of the first scenario(keep healing until you die to get there).
I have got noon he is coool i like freeze magic its good, i havent got Hagane cos i havent got there yet, i think my grace is only on about level 9 unpromoted but im just starting part 4 in aspia. Thanx for the help ill get grace ankh sooni think try and get some more level ups. Thanx again.
jamezman you forget that a character who has been promoted at 20 level he will never be able to reach level 11 cause after some time opponents give 1 EXP and not 49 (except healers).

I don't quite understand this. Are you saying that it is impossible for a level 20 promoted character to reach level 11 or unfeasible

Let's say that I theoretically took Synbios and leveled him to whatever max level there is unpromoted by killing monsters and getting 1 exp each. After promotion, wouldn't I be getting 49 exp from killing strong monsters anyways?
What can't you understand jamezman??? That every character in the game has an EXP limit???. Try to play a battle more than five times and if you gain levels in every battle then on the fifth battle your characters will gain only 1 EXP instead of 49 or 36 or 24 or 10 EXP or what else. Promotion doesn't change this limit. You will gain 1 EXP from an enemy in both options (promo & not-promo). The main levels (which you can easily reach) are 35-40. Now it's your choice when you will promote your characters. For example if you promote Synbios at level 20 you will be able to reach up to level 15-20 as Soldier(first promotion) and you will need more EXP to have a good condition when you will recieve the Innovator spirit in Scenario 3 (Apostle of light class). Or you can promote him at level 10 and finish the first scenario with a Soldier Synbios level 25-30 with far greater statistics (cause of the class bonus points). It's simple.
There is no advantage for your force when you get further than level 10 and continue the game without having a promotion first. Of course you can promote them whenever you want but the best way is to get a promo asap.


Keep going my friend. Noon will became one of the best wizards in the game and sorry for spoiling out Hagane!
Ok thanx for the help m8, Noon is really cool now and im sure he will get even better, dont worry bout spoiling the hagane bit i already know he is there so it doesnt matter. He sounds cool too. Thanx again for ur help, ill be promoting my characters next time i play. Can u help with the question about using cursed items cos i dont know if they are worth using or what they do? or should i sell them?
Cursed items... hmm... yes.

Well: Save your progress. Equip the cursed item. Your character is now under a curse spell
(Equip an itemonly if you want to see the special attack, if it's a weapon, believe me some atatacks are stunning). Go into a battle. Try your cursed member's attack and then load back to the village and sell the useless but lot -worth damneed item.

They are tottaly useless to me cause they has several handicaps during battles (loose turn, HP draining, luck drop, etc...).

Try to get all the mithrils (and Orichalcon, on Scenario 3) and don't make the mithril weapons on the first blacksmith in the game, do that on the second cause it has more and powerfull stuff there which is far better than the cursed items.
I've got to disagree with you there.

I've got my Penn (level 18 promoted) firing off spells from two cursed rings. The trick is that you don't equip the items, you just use the items. I can't remember which items they are off the top of my head, but they can be useful.

I'll check it out and let you know which ones they are.
Mal I was talking about the major characters and not about Penn. LOL

Anyway what you wrote is true but I spoke for equiping and not using cursed stuff.
Thanx guys i got a Dark ring from the fight after the vandal, so ill try using it not equiping it this time and see what it does thanx for the help.
Originally posted by Silender@May 10 2002,17:45

Mal I was talking about the major characters and not about Penn. LOL

You'd better watch it or I'll set my penguin on you!