shining force cd

that could be your problem. I've heard just from some stories here in the forum of games freezing on the gens emulator and whatnot.


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it's probably because you don't have the mp3s

because i have the same files iso with mp3s and it works with no problem on the newest version of gens


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you so lucky i look all

over the net for six

man you ppl make me

sick i just need it cant find it

anywhere i am not begging

i am just envy your luck...... :( ..... oh...


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So, is there some forum rules somewhere? I thought you can't post any warez/roms links, but you have a whole forum on them?

There has to be something I am missing.


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well there isn't anyting in the forums about warez or roms really not really sure what you're talking about.


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Quote: from mal on 10:02 pm on Feb. 21, 2002

Look in the FTP forum. It might take some time, but you should find what you are looking for.

He is looking for the Shining Force MP3s and ISO, and you tell him to go to the FTP forum. I'm not trying to stur up trouble, just a little confused...


There is a rule of no ISO begging on the Saturn and Sega CD forums. Usually someone begging for an ISO is given a chance, but repeat offenders may be banned.

There is a rule that state you may not even speak about copied Dreamcast games, lest you be banned.

Are you getting the drift?

There seems to be an unspoken warez ban, although that doesn't seem to cover CD burning or FTP client software. ;)

However, the FTP forum is meant to be a resource for server details and giving feedback to FTP admins.

ISO begging is... discouraged, and finding things out for oneself is encouraged.

Not that either are necessarily adhered to.