Shining force on dc?

I have a friend who claims there was a release of Shining Force on the dc. I have never seen or heard of this. Does one exist?
I have never heard of it eather, and im pretty sure that if their was a port of it, that the news would spread fairly quick through the net.
No, I don't think that there is. I would of bought it as soon as I heard of it.

The latest Shining Force game is going to GBA though, as a game that resembles Secret Of Mana more than Shining Force.
Yeah, but that isn't a full Shining Force game, just an emulator on the DC (with bad sound, btw).

The Shining Force game on the Saturn is the Shining Force III: Part I game. It was one of the last Saturn games. If it did well, Sega was gonna translate the second and third part. I guess it didn't sell well, and there is only Part I in english.