Shining force weapon levels

I didnt know much about the weapon levels at the start of the game, and i have kept synbios using a sword untill recently when i got a the Luster Blade ns started using that, but not for long cos i then got the Phoenix Sword. I was just wondering how long it takes to get weapon level ups, because i want to be able to use blades and swords.
It depends on characters primary skill.

For example Julian has:

Knife: 0

Sword: 10

Rapier: 20

Blade: 65

So it's easier(not imposible) to make Julian a Blade-master rather than Sword, Rapier or Knife master.

Btw both Synbios and Medion have 0 in all so have to raise their skills from the beggining of each scenario. A weapon gains EXP (not shown) every time you hit/kill an enemy just like "Support/Friendship System".