Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master


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Cool Ninja game
if you are reffering to the sms version mmm well what can i say poor graphics annoying sound, no lastability no replay value thats assuming you can even stand going through the game once its so horrible. sega could have remade it for the mega drive and made a much more faithfull port of an already poor game for you shinobi fans.  
The game is Shinobi 3, not the original.

BTW, the original kicked ass too, very tough game with amazing gfx and playability at the time. Sure they wouldnt stand up to todays standards but for the time they were top notch.
I think Shinobi 3 is the best in the series, even if it is a lot more easy than most of the others. I don't think it's anything like a repeat of Revenge of Shinobi, it's more action-based than platform-based.

The part with the horse kicks muchos ass.
Even though this game had better presentation and graphics than previous installments, I personally think it lacked something that Revenge and the original had... maybe it's the fact that it's easier and less of a platformer. Still a very worthwhile experience... just "different".

Interestingly, Sega continued on the "hack and slash" path with Shinobi X for Saturn.
Revenge is okay. But Shinobi III is the best. Great graphics for a Genny game. I never really liked Revenge all that much. SIII has better music too.
Originally posted by JohnD@Aug. 12 2002, 8:36 am

shinobi 3 well what i said before and its just a bad repeat of revenge of shinobi.


ok, now that, thats out of the way...ill just agree with all the positive comments, regarding this great game
?!?  Did Shinobi X  ever get a US/UK release? i saw the review, but thats all.......

Yes it released in all regions (Shinobi X in Eu ) i have the original
I bought a saturn just because I'm a shinobi fan. I liked revenge a little bit better than 3. The horse riding stage was kind of cool though.
awsome game loved it.but all the shinobi games were cool.never played the one for saturn though,so i cant comment.