Shockwave Assault


just received my copy of Shockwave Assault...

But as i opened the case there was only one CD inside...although the case says 2CD´s (for Shockwave Assault and Operation Jumpgate)

It´s the european PAL-Version so i don´t know if this is an error only here...

Do you have only one CD too?

Or informations what happened to Operation Jumpgate?
All I can say is it's well possible.

I have (rather, had) Decisions of an Admiral II by Koei, in a big fat double-CD case with only one CD. That's the way it's supposed to be. I'm assuming that they picked a double-CD case for the game because the manual is very thick (like 72 pages) and wouldn't have fit into a single-CD case.

Perhaps the same is the case for you.
I'd been meaning to ask this one myself some time...

It's in one of the 'video tape' type of cases and the back of the the box is the only indicator that there should be two CDs.

I've got a copy of it and it has only one disc, but I haven't gotten around to playing it yet.