Should I get this?

Hey Guys,

I've been doing some emailing with a guy back home, and this particular individual is interested in selling his MVS cabinet. It's a 6-slot board, comes with three games (Metal Slug, Metal Slug X, and Last Blade), and the cabinet has a 25" screen. I don't know how to post a pic, but he sent me a picture of it. He says that the color's faded a bit but still in good condition. With some trading, he's willing to part for it for about 350, maybe lower. Should I consider getting it. I'm very tempted, but just a few concerns. Do you think the sound quality would be good? What about maintenance? Can I get anything repaired in the cabinet? Would it be better to just get the "super-modded" NGs they sell on Ebay from time to time (s-video, Stereo, debug bios)? If anyone can tell me how to post pics, I'll show you some pics. Thanks.
I guess the first question I would ask myself on this one is: "Do I have room for an MVS cabinet," but that is just my situation with a cramped apartment. I always wanted an MVS cabinet and one with Metal Slug X on it or Metal Slug anything for that matter. There are a lot of places on the net to support the habit. Take a look at some of the modified MVS mame cabinets. Search Google. To answer your question, I think $350 is a damn good price for just those 3 MVS carts. If you have the room, go for it. Also, if the monitor is bad, but the board is in nice shape. Go ahead and invest in a decent monitor; the whole setup could be your project of sorts. If I lived close enough to the guy, I would visit him and check out the product before buying. If not, I would dive in anyway and buy it.
I paid WAY over 350 bucks for my SINGLE SLOT NEO-GEO cabnet.....If you got the space for it, go for cant go wrong with it, my buddies love to play it all the time! Yes it does have wear and tear and it is kinda a bitch to fix up all of the time, but well worth it to play metal slug 4 in my house on a neo-geo MVS machine....
Wow, that thing is pretty cool looking. Would it work for a saturn because there's no PS2 games I want.
I build these and its pretty much the same proccess for every system (you just use that systems controls and RGB cable). The next one I want to build for myself will be a saturn converter. I love that system. Did you see the Dreamcast version- VMU slots and everything!
Just for a price comparison...

The 6-Slot MVS board costs near 350, i believe. So if you are getting a cab, (and if its a 6-Slot, its NOT a conversion cab, its a TRUE SNK released MVS machine), monitor, and 3 awesome Games, (Last Blade kicks SERIOUS ass) Then $350 is a great price. Jump on it.