Hey Silender. I noticed you have a pic of Ragnarok Online on your signature. What's your Ragnarok handle so I can see you online after I finish re-downloading the client (assuming you play Ragnarok)?
Yeah...sorry, I'm a n00b. Is it that much of a problem though?
not really
just trying to help cut back on threads that should not be...
Oh...UploadingBasterd==BigDAlcala==Guy who was always bragging about how he uploaded all his games...Duh!
Actualy, I would like to know (if you care to tell) what your nick is on RO also. Do you play on the Loki or Chaos server?
I used to play, but I kinda lost any reason to when all of my items got blanked. I get 152 ping to RO's english site, but my ingame ping is closer to 3000.
I trust you guys so i'm gonna check into this, but their main sites boasting a 103 hour download (83b/s)! Know of a better connection?

Edit: As i have no patience and always love to help the masses, here's a fun link which gave me a decent connection of 50kbs

Double Edit : is giving me 150! never mind the above link if you can get it from these guys

TRIPLE EDIT< WILL IT EVER END???? :L I'm on the loki server as Max Powers, and Subura <although subura is trapped ina room with a nun because of a server bug...