Silpheed - Sega CD

How do you beat this guy, i thought i was doing good attacking the piece in the middle but then there is this huge laser that fills the whole range of mobility and can't seem to be avoided, and even using the cheat to keep shields up it will kill you in 2 hits (er one blast). What do i do?
Just fire using a steady stream of gunfire at the center cannon. I'd avoid using specials for primary fire, as some of them are kinda weak in damage they deal or slow. Time is critical as you have to kill it before it gets to that point.


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Hehe, I remember that boss.. never passed him, though I only played the game all the way to the boss once. Yeah, I think that laser hit me about 2 or 3 times and then I was done. Just out of interest, what do you think you would gain by using a cheat to defeat the last boss of a game? Definitely not satisfaction, I hope. :sarcasm:
Well in Silpheed, you can't cheat and win with the last boss. The giant laser blast is the end of the FMV background. If you haven't destroyed it by then you're done.


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Seriously now, that's what I recommend! :p Don't make me go and play the game to the boss just so I can give you a name for that weapon :D


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*finishes playing Silpheed*

This game rocks :cool: Alright, here it comes..

CrazyGoon's recommended weapons choices... With Names! :lol:

Left gun: Phalanx

Right gun: Phalanx

Special weapon: E.M.D.S

This is the setup I would use to get to last boss.. and if you can't destroy the boss soon enough, then the strongest special weapon IMO is the anit-matter bomb. This weapon is a bit slow, though you could probably take the last boss out quick smart by using it up close.