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Ok guys and gals lets see how this works.

Every day I am going to post a game of the day in the news and have it link to a post in the messageboard like this one where you will discuss about it.  Your memories about how much you loved/hated this game.  

Thought it would be neat to start out with one of my favorite shooters for the Sega CD system.

What I remember of this awesome shooter is the awesome gfx and music in it.  I also remember it being the first game that I had hear it swear

Jury rigging up some of my parents speakers to the system just to listen to the 5th lvl hyperspace music really got my blood going.  It was just INTENSE!  Seeing all those spaceships in the backround blowing up was sooo cool!
I'm lucky enough to own an original of this cool Mega CD shooter. The thing that blew me away so much about this game when it came out was that the movies were all made specific for the resolution and colors available on the system... so everything looked really nice and clean. You could barely tell it was FMV, unlike many of the other FMV games that were chunky and... well... pretty crap
I remember this was one of the first shooters I had ever seen for the Sega CD. I remember it looked really impressive at the time, but after a while it seemed to be a polygonal Zaxxon (from what I remember). I tend to prefer pure 2-D for my shooters. About the only other 3-D shooter I enjoyed was Einhander. Long live Gaiares !
i have to disagree i think this game was just a messy flash of graphics and you cant really concentrate on what you are doing nice idea but never worked for me, but games like space invaders when that came out provided much more fun and another later game empire of steel for the genesis was fun too.
This one one of the first titles I got for my SCD -- along with Sonic CD. I was not disappointed. For the time, the graphics were very cool and the music wasn't too bad either. For a shooter, it was fairly revolutionary.

My first good impression was those big rock fragments whizzing past your ship. Very cool!

I still think it's a pretty cool game, but I could never get real far.
This game ROCKS! I'm a big shooter fan, and I first played this right when it came out, about the time I was 13 or 14. The thing about this game that still impresses me is the fantastic level design. My favorites are the weird hexagon-based space platform stage, and the two stages where you fly through what seem like giant computers. The armada battle stage is also great. I also liked the fact that you weren't alone- you could hear your squad mates chit chatting away (Disregard any bogey maneuvers!)- and they all had unique personalities- there was the authoritative captain guy, the guy who sounded like a drunk redneck, and the British dude. Even though the bosses were wimpy and the weapons underwhelming, the incredible and fully interactive stages, despite the fact that it was mostly fmv, more than made up for it. Having 12 levels made it a nice long play too- something today's designers could take note of.
Aaaah, back in the day...

I remember reading in some mag I think C&VG that (back then) Silpheed was THE visually MOST stunning shooter of that time!

And I guess it was (although I never finished it, I am not that big shooter-fan, It was still a blast!).

But that changed when Ground Zero Texas came (one of my all time mcd favourites!=there will be another thread devoted to GroundZero won't there!?)