Simple Little Question

I was reading somewhere that you shouldn't use a 32x on a CDX is that true? I mean what could happen? I ask because I have a CDX and will probably be buying a 32x from a neigbor, but first just want to know if it is a good idea. If you guys could help please do.
SEGA planned for compatibility of the 2 systems but (i forget who) the company who decides about safety of how the systems perform and such (usually states on bottom of system) said that the 3 processors were too close together for that combination so SEGA cancelled the CDX/32X spacer and did not condone the joining of the systems, but many have stated no problems of using them that way.
Actually I just heard the story that Sega could not legallysell them as compatibile until the 32X-to-CDX spacer was released. Thing of it as a quality control thing by the FFC.