since we have some who collect imports here.....


Ban Hammered
I have been wondering what others do with those jewel case spine covers. Do you collect them? If so how do you store them?
they hold the barcode info and such. when the game is all wrapped up, and the spine card is in place, the barcode can be scanned as on any other item. after you buy it, you can remove the spine card, and the cd case has no barcode on it. that is pretty much it's primary purpose, is to leave the cd case and inserts unmarked.

as far as it's usage after the item is purchased, purely collectable.

and as for storage, they will usually fit nicely inside of the front insert booklet...

and in response to bjammzz, saturn imports have them too, as imports come in a regular cd jewel case. only outside of japan did saturn games come in those oversized things... ugh...
Originally posted by BJammzz@Feb 9 2003, 07:29 PM

I assume u are talkin about DC imports.....I keep my spine covers on the spine....

Saturn JP games have the too, don't they?
Those spine cards are near impossible to find without the games to go with them.

I had them all except for three.... and eventually I gave up trying to collect them and instead sold the ones I had to a guy that was collecting them (he has literally THOUSANDS)... got me a little extra cash and one less headache.
Originally posted by Taelon@Feb 11, 2003 @ 05:51 PM

a guy that was collecting them (he has literally THOUSANDS)...

whatever floats your boat, I guess

Not what I'd want to spend my money on