Skillz DC Keyboard adaper ( prblm )

i got the 4-in-1 and i am having problems with the Keyboard, it does not seem to want to work properly

i always get the initializing VMU or controller detected when i pres a key on it .... and cap locks does not work all the time ( like when it is of it does not mean it is all capitals )
I made the mistake of buying an off brand keyboard and some of the keys stick really bad and there isn't much I can do about it other than apologize to people when I would play with them for my random messages.
I have the 4 in 1 adapter and with the keyboard u can't press more than one key at a time like walking and jumping at the same time, and i have never gotten a vmu to work in it. I wouldn't reccomend this product unless u want to use a saturn or psx controller, but for the keyboard functionality it's a waiste of time.
I have the 4 in 1 adapter and with the keyboard u can't press more than one key at a time like walking and jumping at the same time

That could be the keyboard's fault too. Because of the way typical keyboards are wired, you can only press so many keys at once before it can't tell them apart anymore. Usually they can handle two at once though, it's three or more that starts making things ugly.

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I never had a problem typing/playing with the official DC keyboard {and I type pretty #### fast and I also tend to run keystrokes together and overlap my keypresses} and it never seemed to have a problem with my typing.

Heh. Maybe I'm way off topic but has anyone noticed that the "UNOFFICIAL" hardware that companies are now putting out for systems used to be AWESOME quality but now its just HORRIBLE!? It's degraded more and more every time you see a new company publicizing their stuff.... especially when its companies you've never heard of.
could the power adapter have to do with anything ( they do not mention that you must have it for the kayboard or anything ) .... be the light on the 4-in-1 box flashes as if doe snot have power when you use the keyboard.
the power supply is meant for the rumble function of dualshock controllers. I think your keyboard might simply be doing things in some fucked way, so try using a different one first. if that fails, try using a power supply.

I got the 3 in 1 (same thing, just without VMU slot) and it works just fine without additional power.
I've tried multiple keyboards, the same thing with them all. I just need to go out and buy an official dc keyboard.