sl*(); Functions? where are they stored!


Mid Boss
is there a file with all the functions? like slPrint() ? i would like to see the code for it, how it worked,

thanks. i'm trying to build my set of my own functions.
Sources for the SGL libraries were apparently never released. Most of SBL comes with sources, maybe you can find some equivalent functions there? It has a debug library, but I haven't investigated what it does any closer. (If you want to know where the SGL functions are stored, it's in SGL/LIB/LIBSGL.A. All the SGL programs must be linked to this library.)
well, if you use tyranid's Saturn debugger you can just trace into the SGL calls... you'll get a disassembly however, I'm afraid it's nigh impossible to get C source for the functions...
thanks guys, yes ex-cyber told me
well im trying to make a sort of LIB for myself for personal reasons. I lost my CD-R with the working version of my SDK... ahh!

sorry, a bit angry... im so tired of trying my code under ssf! i'm a student with no money
If you want a disassembly it's easier to work on the libraries. Use ar to extract the object files from the library:
ar -x library.a
and then use objdump to disassemble the objects:
objdump -xsd object.o > object-disassembly.txt