hook a second master system to it and call it a 16x.

uhmmm, wasn't there another thread to this effect posted

rather recently?
Aside from the answer I've given to you in the other thread (what was the point of starting a second thread about it?) the only limit is your imagination.

You could design and build a cart copier, printer interface, hard drive interface, CD-ROM interface - any kind of peripheral you want, really. All of the necessary bus signals are available on the connector, as I've already said it's just a "male" cartridge slot.

There's lots of technical and programming info on the SMS at the SMS Power site and on Charles MacDonald's page. I suggest you start there if you're serious.



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Wouldnt there be a way to hook in a hard drive + power supply to the expansion port to run rom images off the drive?

Pearl Jammzz

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yeah, probably. if you could run copiers and stuff out of it then I am sure you could do that. ask arakon and excyber. They should know.