Snatcher... no mp3s, but still sound and voice?

Ok so ive been killing myself trying to find snatcher for about 3 weeks, and for the longest time, the mp3s were being lobbed at me from every direction, but no ISO. SO finally i find the ISO, but I had already wanked the mp3s on my drive (i had given up hope at one time). So now, the mp3s are scarce.. So check it out.

Today, i decided, well, lemme just check to see if that ISO i got is a good one, and working. So i burned it with no mp3s along with it, and expected to play the game with no sound except for regular blips and bleeps from the data.

Well, i got full sound, and voice acting. Does this mean my ISO of snatcher had everything in it? or is there still something missing from it? Im confused, i thought that without the mp3 tracks, i would get no sound, especially voice tracks.

Can anyone clear this up?
There are audio tracks missing, a lot of audio indeed. What you are listening to is PCM audio in 8 bit , 8 khz stereo.

about an hour or so of audio is digitized, but not all. A lot of keypoints are in CD-DA tracks
Hey just a Sugestion...if u need the game i can send it 2 you with the sound files ...just get an ICQ and i'll send it 2 you!

I have many games mostly Gens and 32-x but some S-CD
It's also unplayable if you don't get the MP3s.

It starts fine enough, but when you go to the Old Factory fairly early in, the game hangs if it can't find a certain track featuring some dialogue.