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I was just lookin' on eBay for a copy of policenauts for the 3DO and i have an fz-1 which has no country lockout so i figured, what the ####? I was thinking of buying it and i intend on playing it but does some one have a walkthrough that translates it to english. Or know where i may be able to find one?
Konami really want their arses kicking for never bringing that out in English. Mind you, it's hard to be angry with those who made Pro Evolution Soccer.. If I remember rightly there was somewhere called the Snatcher Sanctuary on the web that had something like what you're after, but the last few times I tried to visit I got error messages, so I don't know. I'll go have a look..
It was/is a good site too, very nicely designed and all that. I can't get it up either (ahem), but I'll keep trying (ahem). It seems to be one of those games that everyone wants to translate, so I'm just holding out for a patch I think. Whether it takes years or not, I want to play it!
I have Policenauts for the PSX and I have been stuck on it for years because I can't find any FAQs or translations for it either. It is really a shame that Konami left some of its better titles overseas.
i found a walkthrough in english describing what to do but if you don't know what the commands are it's pretty useless...