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I did not know which forum to put this in since it deals with saturn, pc-engine, sega-cd etc.

Anyways, I was wondering if I should be playing the US Sega-CD version of Snatcher or the JAP version for Sega-CD? Is there any real difference besides the language? Also I see that Snatcher is best for Sega-CD... Or so it seems. It beats the PC-Engine, psx, and saturn versions. Is this information is correct?

Thanks in advance.
Yes the game is censored in the US version.

The best version is indeed the Mega CD version, then Sega Saturn, then PS, then the rest.

The US version is still very good, so keep with that one.
What I mean is that the US version is censored compared to the japanese, whatever the hardware (before the japanese Saturn and PS versions, which are censored too) you compare it to.
There's a code that unlocks the uncensored scenes in the U.S. version(Sega CD).. It's been a while since I played, but at the computer in the beginning you type in Konami and it unlocks them.. I'm pretty sure that's it, if it's not I stand corrected, but I know the code exist.
IIRC the changes :

- Jean-Jacques is less err... "exposed" (I'm trying to avoid spoiling the fun ^^)

- Catherine is sixteen instead of thirteen.

- You don't get to see her naked in the shower scene.

- The half naked half dead snatcher in Act II is a bit less showing it's stuff.

- the hospital scenes in Act III are less crude.

- Much less mature language from Gillian.

Anyway if the re's is a code that allows you to enjoy it, good ^^
Quoted from GameFaqs

"Select the ''Load I.D. file'' option on the Jordan computer, then enter the name ''KONAMI''. A sound will play. The changes are nothing big, with the exception of Katrina's shower scene... "

Played through Snatcher a while back but never knew about the code then, thank you Gens for letting me play through this excellent title which I would have otherwise missed

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What does typing "Kojima" on Jordan do? And does this mean it is worth it to send myself crazy by reading a translation and playing the japanese sega cd version, or playing the US one?
Originally posted by Jaded God@Mar 22, 2003 @ 12:29 PM

What does typing "Kojima" on Jordan do? And does this mean it is worth it to send myself crazy by reading a translation and playing the japanese sega cd version, or playing the US one?

There's no japanese version of the Mega CD version of Snatcher.

I prefer the japanese version but you need an average level of Japanese to enjoy it (especially one tough riddle with Kanjis).

Actually Antime I was desperately trying to forward you guys to that page but I couldn't find it in my favorites. Thanks for the link ^^
It's funny coz I always heard myself that the best version was on Mega CD (thanks to the laser gun compatibility notably). The great plus of the PCE version is that there is a "Snatcher Pilot Disk", which is truely awesome.

anyway you can't make the wrong move, that game just kicks major ass whatever the version.


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I also heard that it was only on Sega CD and not Mega CD. Err, and light gun compatibility is always a plus. Now where can I get a laser gun for my Genesis
Hello all!

Yes I am here =) Although I have been away from the forums a long time (mostly due to work) I ocassionally read, and today was one day that I fortunately did.

Indeed, the code does nothing at all. At first the game was supposed to be censored (watch the Alice pics page for how it was supposed to look like), but the "trick" was left in there (It just makes the affirmation sound).

Typing "Kojima" in Jordan shows up Hideo's profile (you can watch an animated gif of that Here). This also works out in the PC88 and PCE versions, but the profiles are a bit more rude in their content (at least in the PC88 one) =P

The best version would be between the PCE and Sega/Mega CD ones. The main advantage of the Sega/Mega CD version is the use of Justifier, some extra shooting scenes, a bit longer intro and that it is in English. On the other hand the PCE version has the "videotape" scene uncensored (just text, but anyway) and is the "original" CD release, completely direcetd and supervised by Kojima (if you are a purist). The rest of the versions are just ports made by teams that didn't include him (obviously the PC88 and MSX versions did)

To find out more subtle differences, visit the page already pointed out, and go into "Version Info" for the Sega CD version...