I am tryoing whenever I get some spare time, but it has been way too slow...

and a lot of times I cannot connect. I will only have this weekend available, since I leave for Tijuana for a couple of weeks,will be back in 15 days though

(Edited by Artemio Urbina at 1:25 am on Feb. 16, 2002)
Ok, I have to pull off another format on my computer, but i've backed up the uploaded-so-far snatcher, and i'l put everything back to where it was after I format my system. Sorry for the inconvenience and speed.

I won't be in the country for 2 weeks, please don't erase the upload, I will finish it (I could not connect tro your server for the whole weekend)

Actually I have to apologize for that, I had to format the computer, but the upload has been backed up onto a cd. THe server will be backl up and running by the time you get back
Ratamahatta iam getting to many users on our ftp i have many sega cd and duo and 3do games to share let me know what you need