I downloaded Snatcher, and the game is in US format, but if I check it with readboot, it says "released for japan".

Does this neccessarily mean that it has been country-hacked?

Or would the US version really say that?
readboot doesn't read the actual region code on the disc. get scdconv from eidolon's, or load with gens configured with the proper bios files.





(System Name) : KONAMI R002

System Needed : SEGA GENESIS

Copyright : ©T-95 1994.OCT


Name overseas : SNATCHER

Reference : T-95035

Version : 00

IP : 0x800 0x6000 0 0

SP : 0x6800 0x1800 0 0

Developed by Konami

Use Joypad

Released for Japan

you know, the weird thing is, if I load it in gens, it appears to be in us format, loading the us bios.

But I never experienced readboot to be wrong before, it was always giving me the correct country.

For instance, I had a version of sonic cd, it was in eur hacked to us, but readboot recognized it as eur, although gens was playing it as us. But if snatcher has never been released in Japan, it means that by some mistake of the company who released it, there's written japan instead of us. This doesn't have to do anything with the country code though, it's just a good way of detecting dirty country hacks that may have been made on the iso.