I got the iso, am working out the mp3 bugs, but have noticed that while I have the audio for the intro, the game goes right to the start screen, then scene one. I havnt played the game in years, but I remember an intro describing the Lucifer Alpha virus and whatnot. Is this common with all iso, and are there any other missing parts to that particular file?
you are right............ i have a copy of "elportal" and no intro in it of the heliport or something like that.........why?

i don't know.

but i know something..... you can mail to the manager of elportal and ask for that... or you can ask on the tag board.

wait wait, there is suposed to be an intro to snatcher? I just turn it on, get the konomi screen, copyrigh5 info, then the snatcher logo, select continue and i play. There is an intro?
Yeah theres an intro, if you listen to one of the audio tracks(I think #4) you can hear it. It give an introduction to snatchers, the virus, ect. this is not a request for iso, but is there another iso that has intro?
The intro does not happen until you start the game.If you do not have the mp3s in the right order it will most likely not show it when you play it.