So anyone interested in VGR yet?

So how many of you can't wait for VGR? How many would like more info about it? How about some screenshots of the thing in action?

Well I can't give you guys the link to the site yet, BUT I can provide you with some tasty morsels (did I spell that right?) of info.

So I ask. What do you guys wanna see first?


Any info will be posted in the VGR board on here.
Ok you wanted them you got them. Here are a few choice pics of the site with some explanations of each one. More to follow if you ask for it.


VGR Main Page

This is the page you are greeted with when you first go to VGR. The top left has links to the various sections of the site. The top right shows your login info (as you can see I was loged in). The main part of the window is taken up by site news. On the right we have (in order) the game database quick search, quick links to individual systems and the titles of the latest news items. BTW the image at the very top left changes each time the page is reloaded, a neat little dynamic aspect of the site.


Game Database Page

Ok this second image shows you what you will see if you click the Game Database link at the top of the first page. From here you can begin to search through the systems listed on the left or begin a search of the database on the right. The advanced search lets you search for a game(s) using ANY variable the site keeps track of. So you can find all those games that use the DC mouse for example.


Main Game Page (Dreamcast here)

This is what you will see if you clicked on one of the system links in the previous page. (Dreamcast in this case). From here you can use the alpahabet links to move to any area of the list or you can click on the individual game links to see more info about them. Each game entry has the following: a small graphic identifiying what system it's for (useful when you do a search that brings up info for multiple systems), the proper name of the game, developer, publisher, year of release, a small W (wanted) or O (owned) depending on which of your game lists it appears on (if any) and the flag indicating the region this game belongs to.


Game Page

This is what each individual game page looks like. As you can see it contains alot of information about the game, more than most other sites have. Most of the info is pretty self explanatory. The point of interest is the Options field at the top, the three links let you control what you want to do with this entry for YOUR lists (the options change if the game is not on your lists). In this case the first link takes you to a profile page for YOUR copy of the game (things like it's condition and what it's worth to you are there), the middle link is self explanatory and the last link lets you find other members of the site who either want or own the game.


Virtua Fighter Remix game page

This page is similar to the previous one. I wanted to show you two new things the other one didn't have. The first is the notes field at the bottom. We will use this to inform you of anything special about the game (stuff it comes with, where to get it, etc). The second are the Alt. Versions of a game. As you can see here Virtua Fighter Remix has several versions, from here you can see that there are two other versions in the database. Clicking on the links takes you to those versions (this will include versions from different regions too).

Well that's it for now folks. Hope you can clean the drool of your carpets now

If you want more just gimme a shout in here and I'll see what I can do. Keep in mind the site is still a work in progress and things can/will change from the final site.
Weird, I was working on a site exactly like this o_O. But never got around to finding a host. It's still up on my computer, but not public
. Looks good though
Your input might be usefull to Mowgli and other VGR staff, fot. You should think aabout contributing if you have anything they need.
Well what I have is basically information, manuals, covers, etc. collected over the years from numerous websites that I meant to incorperate in some huge nostalgic database. If they need any input/help, I'd be glad to help out. My build was a bit less mature than theirs, but had the same basic idea.
Originally posted by racketboy@Oct. 25 2002, 5:11 pm

oh man.... lemme catch my breath

I'm likin' that a lot.

Will this include different regions too?

Indeed it will, we haven't gotten around to adding all the regional stuff yet...Well I've got all regions completed for Sega Saturn from A-H, but it is a huge project When a regional variation exists it will be shown in the alt versions field with an appropriate flag and a link to the individual game page.

The other thing which isn't fully realized yet is that we will be adding pictures whenever possible of box shots and screen shots for the games themselves.

Again, right now we are pretty much in data entry mode at the moment.

We also will have the ability to have users customize their personal profile page for any given game on their own/wanted lists. If say your copy is missing the instruction manual you can put that info in there for refrerence. You can also slap in a price and indicate that you'd be willing to sell a game!

Other components that aren't fully realized yet but in the pipeline are the ability to review titles and the ability to upload member submissions into the database. Once these are fleshed out VGR will be able to grow at the rate that is determined by the support of our users (which is a lot we hope).

Good stuff all around.