So few US games left.

Another DC game has been cancelled in the US (that bowling game). All we have left now are:

Bomberman Online

Mark of the Wolves


Tennis 2K2

Conflict Zone

Exhibition of Speed

Shenmue 2


Propellor Arena is still in limbo.

Headhunter and Rez are still being considered, but I say the chances of us getting them are low.

I also have this feeling that we won't see Conflict Zone, EOS, or NHL2K2.

Oh well. :(
Even if it means importing, I'll be picking up Rez, Headhunter, and Shenmue 2. Nothing else really interest me. But, you're right...the pickings are slim.
i just dont know if i want to get Shenmue 2, i thought shenmue 1 was really good but ive never played it (and hearing some of the problems it has makes me worry about it too, like the very slow pace of the game in the first 2 CD's)

i just dont know about almost any of the last games coming out (except Prop Arena, i just hope they dont cancel it all together)
Does anyone know if their is going to be a version of Shenmue 2 that will come out in england, or any other country that would have the game in english?
has VF4 been confirmed for DC? I know it's coing to PS2 (well DUH!! everyone knows that :)), but I'm curious. (afterall, my goal is to own every single VF there is :))
Nope, its not comming to DC :(, mainly because by the time it comes out the DC will be long dead, and sega would just lose money by making it for both systems.
Fabrizo: its still scheduled to come out in the uk, for feb 1st 2002, if it will or not you will have to wait and see

shanus: do you get european or american games from ozsoft? if its euro then you have a chance on shenmue 2 still
Hey I found a place that'll sell them to us in the states...

Very reasonable rates too! I'll put in my order for those on Monday...Shenmue II, Rez, and Headhunter...they will be mine.
None of those seam to allow reserves or pre-purchases, I guess we will have to wait for the game to come out to compair prices.