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The Dylan's Ownership of The Sega Dreamcast Timeline!

1998: DC is unveiled and launched in Japan

Early 1999: GamePro prints reviews of a few of the DC's Japanese launch titles. I drool over the VF3 review (4.0 out of 5.0) for weeks on end. Vowing to get a DC, just so I can finally play VF3. $ony fanboy at this time.

Thursday, September 9, 1999: Dreamcast is launched. I don't really care as I am a $ony fanboy. The only thing on my mind is Final Fantasy VIII

Friday Night (around 10:00 PM), September 10, 1999: Purchase FFVIII at Target, and catch my first glimpse of the DC Box, and launch library (besides game magazines).

December 1999: GamePro prints they're review of VF3. I am outraged at how they bash it, and compare it to Soul Calibur. 2.5 out of 5.0 overall. Since I have never played Soul Calibur, I think it's just a button masher ala Tekken and Soul Blade. Still have not played Soul Calibur as of this date. I consider getting a DC, only for VF3, nothing else, as I am still a $ony fanboy at this time.

Sunday, August 19, 2000: I purchase my Sega Saturn with VC, Daytona, VF2, and Fighters MegaMix for $70 from Funcoland. My Sega fanboyism begins... $ony fanboyism starts to fade...

October 26, 2000: Sony's pathetic excuse of a game console is released. I go gaga over it, as there's just enough $ony left in me, to make a big deal out of it.

July 8, 2001 (around 1;00 PM): I join SegaXtreme under the "Cloud121" moniker, thinking I'll end up posting a few times and leaving, just like with every message board. Two and a half years later, everyone ends up being family to me in a way.

August 2001: I actually play DC for the first time, while visiting Uncle's house, cousin (who I hadn't seen in about ten years) as his DC there, while visiting my Uncle from Colorado. Play a bit of Shenmue, then play Crazy Taxi for the rest of the night. While watching True Lies that night, I just hold the DC Controller in my hand, it just feels so comfortable. Like a glove. I also get my 32x this month. Sega fanboyism continues to rise.....

August 2001 - October 2001: Ask numerous questions on SX about the DC. Many of which are STILL on the site. "How Is It Even Possible?" "How Can I Get Online?" Among others.

October 2001: Ask for a DC with VF3 for Birthday. Don't get it.

Mid to Late 2001: I meet Lockecole2 (My Bitch) on SX. Begin a long standing friendship that continues to this day. Practically best friends, despite living in Iowa (Me) and New York (Bitch).

November 2001: I get my Sega CD. Sega fanboyism continues to rise.....

December 2001: Begin saving up for a DC with VF3. Ask for Xmas, still not get DC.

Late December 2001 - January 4th 2002: Realizing that if I don't get VF3 ($20) but a cheaper game ($8), I can get my DC a couple weeks sooner. Can't decide between Crazy Taxi ($8), NFL 2K1 ($8), or NBA 2K1 ($8). Eventually decide on NBA 2K1.

Saturday, January 5th, 2002: My friend calls GameStop's in both Urbandale and West Des Moines for me (as I am a wuss to call businesses and such). The Urbandale one (which is about 3 blocks from my house) does not have any DCs. The one in West Des Moines (Snob capital of the planet...) does. As much as I HATE West Des Moines, I go to Babbages. The DC got purchased before I got there. Mom's upset due to the drive (WDSM has the WORST traffic!). Clerk tells her that due to it being discontinued in the United States, people are buying them as soon as they become available. Due to having no DC, I take the time to whip up a DreamSNES disc.

Sunday, January 6th 2002: Kevin refuses to call Software Etc. and Babbages again. I beg and plead Mom to go, despite yesterday. She tells me to call 'em. I beg and plead her to make the call for me (as I am a wuss when it comes to the phone at times). She calls. Only one DC left, Mom reserves it for me. I go to Babbages in WDSM and FINALLY get a DC.

Dreamcast Console - $50

Dreamcast VMU - $9

NBA 2K1 - $8

Total - $66.97 + Tax = $70.99

PMT - Cash - $21

PMT - Mall Gift Certificate - $50

Total Payments - $71

Change - Cash - $0.01

June 2002: Buy my first commercial DC game since NBA 2K1. I buy NFL 2K ($2), new Controller ($10), Generator Volume 2 ($1), and Web Browser ($0.80). Web Browser is defect, download Browser and burn to CD-R.

Early 2003: Place another bet with Mrozowics for NFL 2K2. He doesn't comply, but I still pressure him into it anyway. I once again do not beat him. I offer Joel money for Soul Calibur. He says $30. I pressure him into $20. I throw NBA 2K in, to make it $22. Deal falls through towards end of school year.

May 2003: I decide to save up all my money for May and go on a Dreamcast shopping spree to kick off my summer. Save up $60. Two VMUs get stolen by Brendan (kid from school), who also stole NBA Showtime from me a couple months before. Nguyen900 of SX sells me his Official 4x Mem Card for $10.

Monday, June 9, 2003: Go on my DC spree at Software Etc.. Purchase Crazy Taxi ($8), WSB 2K1 ($3), Space Channel ($5), Ready to Rumble ($8), NFL Blitz 2000 ($8), NHL 2K ($5), NBA Showtime ($5), Shenmue (MINT! $10), Jet Set Radio ($8) and Virtua Tennis ($8). All games come complete. I'm short $1, very courteous and friendly shopper pays the extra $1 for me. Blitz 2000 is defective, despite the disc looking as though the game were mint. Showtime plays fine, yet having the most scratched disc I have EVER seen! I go to exchange Blitz for another copy. No copies left. Decide on Unreal Tournament ($8) in it's place. Turns out Blitz was $5, NOT $8 as listed. I just ask for my money back (which I'm glad I did, as I NEEDED that $5 later that week for Locke).

September 9 ,2003: Write my famous (and soon to be legendary) Celebration Essay of the Dreamcast to commerate it's Fourth Birthday.

Sunday, November 23, 2003: Despite my owing Locke $600, I decide to screw him, and spend $95 of the $200 I was going to send him on DC games via I purchase Sonic Adventure ($10), NFL Blitz 2000 ($5), HoTD2 ($8), NBA 2K ($3), Dead or Alive 2 ($13), Chuchu Rocket ($5), THPS ($5), Ecco The Dolphin ($6), PSO ($5), Resident Evil 2 ($6), WSB 2K2 ($4), and NFL 2K2 ($5). I spend the other $15 on Fire Pro Wrestling D via eBay. Glad to have purchased DC games when I did, EB increases prices on all DC games, save for some. Upset at how I went with THPS over THPS2 (Both were $5 at purchase. THPS stayed at $5, THPS2 went up to $10).

Wednesday, November 26, 2003: Receive DC Games, sans FPD (due to it coming from Asia). Sonic, Ecco, and THPS are defective. Send back for exchange.

Monday, December 1, 2003: Receive FPD.

December 22, 2003: Recieve replacements for Sonic, Ecco, and THPS.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004: Write this Soon To Be Famous (and after that, Legendary) Timeline of my DC experience, to commerate my Second Year Anniversary of my purchase of it. Play NBA 2K1 and VF3 to celebrate as well.

As of this date, I STILL have NOT played the following of my most wanted games:

Power Stone

Power Stone 2

Skies of Arcadia

Grandia II

Crazy Taxi 2

Shenmue II

Head Hunter


Soul Calibur

Among many others.. if you'd like to see my DC collection, take a look at my IGN Collection on my Sig. You'll some games that I haven't listed here.

Here's To A Third Year of Dreamcast! :cheers :cheers :cheers

Edit: Bah.. I screwed up.. I thought today was the 6th, not the 13th. Oh well! Better than waiting a whole 'nother year!
What is this, the Cloud retrospective or something? Anyway, I got my DC at launch and I'm still buying the occasional game for it (latest was Omikron... pretty good game if you can live with the technical problems BTW), so muhahahahah.
Yeah.. sorry... It's just that that plays a role in the Timeline. Do keep in mind though, I have originals of most of the CD-R games.
Bah.. Okay, I'll Edit it. Although I can't for a few hours. I want it to be perfect, so let me do the editing.
Originally posted by it290@Jan 14, 2004 @ 03:25 AM

Anyway, I got my DC at launch and I'm still buying the occasional game for it (latest was Omikron... pretty good game if you can live with the technical problems BTW), so muhahahahah.

I bought it, traded it, but now I want it again, mainly just because of the David Bowie soundtrack.
Yeah.. it's pretty funny when you encounter ol' Ziggy in that nightclub. I haven't gotten far enough to see if he turns up again.