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Ok... So to mod any system I have heard to use a 15watt Iron is that correct? I saw one at Radio shack that was a 15watt that went to 30 via a switch. SO that would work and keep it on 15 correct? Also do I need a special tip or anything to solder to those small ass points on chips inside consoles or what? Any pics, answers, info would be very helpful, thanks!
  • As a rule, don't learn to solder on something you can't afford to screw up beyond repair. A $200 Xbox or PS2 used as a soldering tutorial is a hell of a waste.
  • Always have desolder braid handy. Cleaning up a botched joint with just an iron is Not Fun.
  • Get a sponge (actual sponge, not sponge-shaped plastic - you need to be able to touch it with the iron and not release evil fumes).
  • Clean your iron frequently (this means while soldering, every few joints at least).
  • Solder follows heat. That doesn't sound like much, but you'll see what I mean.
  • The point of soldering is essentially to "wet" two surfaces with liquid solder to join them. Wetting only works properly if both surfaces are sufficiently hot. You might be able to melt the blob and get a connection, but the joint will be unstable if the surfaces were not properly heated.
  • If possible, don't solder in areas normally used for preparing or eating food.
  • Solder in a well-ventilated area, preferably with a fan to draw flux fumes away from you.
  • At the very least, wash your hands when you're finished soldering. If you're paranoid, a shower and change of clothes couldn't hurt.
  • Oh yeah, almost forgot - a 15-watt iron is fine for general electronic work.

More detailed information can be found here.
ExCyber is totally right, i did everything wrong, i didn't have much tools, soldering was so hard, i was trying to solder a mod for a psx and it was my first time soldering, and i totally messed it up, and burnt part of the motherboard, and it wouldn't run anymore. What you should try doing first, is get an old system, take it apart, and try to solder some points with it, and if you can't do it, don't try to do your saturn

+ i burnt myself like crazy, and i have a shit load of scars on my hands, WHY? i dunno, it just happened when i was trying to solder
Originally posted by Jaded God@Dec. 02 2002, 3:42 pm

What kind of solder should I use to solder my 2 wires for my modboard on my sega saturn?

You can be really frustrating you know...

If you'd read the instructions I sent you you'd know that you will only need to solder one wire to the 5v part of the power supply. Luckily that requires little soldering ability, so you should be able to do it OK.

A general purpose electrical / electronics grade flux-cored 60/40 tin/lead alloy would be fine for this.
mal why dont I need to solder the other blue wire.. for the laser to the 32 or 64 pin chip? Just the 5v power supply?
Because, as I already explained some time ago, I've already soldered 'A+B' on the modboard together so you only need to solder the power wire to the power supply.

Do you want me to fly over there and solder it for you?
Lol that would be nice I would give anything for someone like you to actually be by me and teach me how to solder the right way... I was always wondering You know how small the points on Xbox's or PS2's are to solder to? Do you use a special tip on the Solder iron to get into that little of a space.. Because an iron is pretty thick for a point like that... If so what specifically should I buy for it... When I get better. For the 5v power supply I dont need nothing because thats a big point... And is the mod going to work fine the way you did it Mal... Meaning I dont have to solder anythign to the 32 pin/64pin...