Some games won't play on certain dreamcast

Some games won't play on certain dreamcast

I aquired a homebrew game, but was having difficulties because it just wouldn't play on my dreamcast.

I tried everything. Multiple power cycles, cleaning, disc swapping, using a game enhancer disc. I even made a CDR copy of it on my computer and it wouldn't play.

But the system plays all other games fine, including other CD-Rs.

I grabbed one of my dreamcasts from my sale bin and tried it out on there, and sure enough it worked fine.

The assumption is that the laser is just getting touchy on my other dreamcast. But how can it be touchy such that it is so distinctly picky with what it plays or not? What gets me is that if it was just having trouble reading CD-Rs, why did it read other CD-Rs just fine? And if it was a problem with the specific pressing or quality, why did it still refuse to read a copy of the CD-R? The copy was on high quality media, no bit errors from the computer copy.

It seems more like there is something about the content of the disc, and not the actual quality.

Is it possible for a particular boot system to not work on certain revisions of the dreamcast? I know these homebrews use these boot systems which are exploits of some dreamcast hole. Did they clean up these holes in later models? Or maybe they didn't exist in earlier models?