some help with cdrwin

i want to know what is tao and what dao burning methodes how do i know when in what mode to burn? and how do i choose between the two in cdrwin?
cdrwin only does dao (disc at once)

tao (track at once) is where each track of the disc is burnt then the lead in and out are burnt the spacing is somwhow difference to dao but i cant remember how exactly, i just remember that some sega cd/megacd stuff (lunar for example) is better burnt in tao

dao is when the disc is written as leadin, tracks, then leadout, there is some other difference to the final product when compared to tao to do with the track spacing, but as i said above im not exactly sure what the difference is
thanks man
but if someone can elaborate more on that
DAO burns the entire disc in one go.

TAO burns track by track, causing 150 sectors (2 seconds) to be blank/unused between each track.

A disc that has had one or more tracks written to it using TAO can record more tracks at a later time - at least with audio CDs.

(Not to be confused with multi-session discs)