Some newbie questions.

Hi everyone. I'm new here, obviously, and I actually found this place by accident as I was searching for some old video game music. I had all but given up on ever finding Saturn Roms, let alone games such as Panzer Dragoon Saga, when I don't know how I ran into this place and I swear I was speachless when after looking through the forums I saw that they are actually attainable. I can't tell you how excited I am about this place and I must say you guys have a great community going here.

But enough with that. I have a few simple guestions. Now, I have a fair amount of knowledge regarding burning ISO's and such, so that's not my main concern. What I would like to know is whether there's a different method of getting the Saturn to play copies other than the swapping method. Maybe a mod chip or something like that, and if you know where I could find one I would really appreciate it.

And I would also like to know the latest methods and utilities needed to burn Saturn ISO's, if the FAQs in the help section are outdated.

Thanks a million.
Check out or Or type 'Saturn mod chip' into a search engine. Tricky stuff, eh?
Oh and does anyone know why CD Pro 95 won't eject your CD after it burns it? I have to restart my PC to get it out for some reason.

Thanks in advance.
You need to have one with a 21 pin ribbon cable, that's most model 2's (round front buttons). In this category there are also 64 pin chip or 32 pin chip models. This chip will be the one to be soldered with your mod, I wouldn't advise doing it with a 64 pin one unless you're like a solder genius or something. There's a few horror stories on these boards (including one of mine). If you want to know how to find out about how easy it's gonna be, report back. But if you have a model one it's most likely out of the question as far as I know.
Damn, I have a model 1.

I tried the swapping trick with PDS, and I just get these horizontal lines across the screens. I don't know what's wrong with it so that's why I'm looking into a mod chip but I guess I need a model 2 system first.
The swap trick DEFINATELY works so maybe your Saturn has a problem or it's not burned right or something. Anyway, I *think* some model 1's have a 21 pin ribbon, but not many. The later model 1's I think. Open it up and have a look, it might save you buying a new one.
Well try a mod in that one first, then go for a model 2. I'm not sure what's up with the swap trick not working for you. That said, I've only done it on model 2's so what would I know.. You did make sure the swap trick guide dealt with model 1's didn't you? Sounds obvious but it's not always made clear.
Yeah, I read the right one and I tried both methods anyway. It just gives me these horizontal lines that go across the screen. I can get it to work with two American games...swap one American game for I'm thinking it might be my game, but the whole burning process went perfectly. Except for the very end where CD Pro 95 doesn't want to eject my CD and I can't even manually eject it without restarting my PC. I can play the music tracks though on the Saturn, and those are written last so the burning process had to be succesfull.
Quote: 'I can get it to work with two American games...swap one American game for another'

Does that mean you're trying to boot a CD from a different region? If so, you need to convert it (with satconv) or use an adapter. I've never had the swap trick work with different region games.
That might be one of the reasons, but I really have no idea what region the game is from. I got it from an ftp site and it didn't specify which version it was. It didn't have an info file or anything like that. Is there some way to detect what region it's from?
Yeah, if you get satconv (should be in the misc section) and give it the iso it'll tell you where it's from and you'll be able to change the code if necessary.
Hey...never mind. I got it to work! I burnt another copy and it played it so there must have been something wrong with the first version. Thanks for all your help though. I really appreciate it. And I'm still going to spring for a mod chip. It's deffinitely worth it. That satconv sounds like it could come in real handy too.

Thanks again.

Oh yeah and the PDS intro rules!!!
smile.gif I see what the difference was. I didn't notice that it had two different Mix Mode options. The first time I burnt it I picked the first option when I should have picked Mix Mode from an Image file. Hehehehe