Some simple newbie questions

Well, I have a few questions. I am trying to burn the Saturn Netlink game and I am using CDRWIN. I have the saturn netlink cartrige thing, but I lost the browser disc so I need to burn one.

Here are the files that I am trying to burn onto a CDR:

Sega Saturn - Netlink (U) v3.0.bin

Sega Saturn - Netlink (U) v3.0.cue

Sega Saturn - Netlink (U) v3.0.sfv

It said to load tracks or cue file so I loaded the cue file. It burned fine, but when I tried to use it on my saturn using the swap method it didn't work. Was the ".sfv" file added to the disc. What am I supposed to do? Help?

Thanks in advance.
i suggest you refer to the misc section, as there is a tutorial there for cdrwin, which is the best peice of sotware for the purpose ( )

or use fireburner ( )

basicly discard the sfv, and open the cuesheet in the program, this will tell the program how to bun the contents of the bin onto a cdr

if you want further info, the misc section is the best place to look
Hmm, it's hard to tell. It could be one of the following:
  • You forgot to convert the country code to match that of your Saturn using the Saturn Country Code Changer (i.e., SatConv) before burning
  • Your swap technique wasn't successful (it's best to test on a modded Saturn); do you have a model 2 Saturn?
  • Your copy of CDRWin was patched
  • The CD-R used was faulty
  • You burned it too fast (e.g., at 24x)
  • The BIN/CUE you downloaded was faulty (load the SFV file with WinSFV to validate your downloaded files)
My guess is either the first or second or both.