Something about YOU.

For me and my sis, we LOVE our hair... long hair, let it fly freely in the wind. Toss it back and forth.. we love our long hair =) You get idea...
I'll start this off without any words

I got so high that I scratched 'til I bled

I love myself better than you

I know it's wrong so what should I do?

I'm on a plain

I can't complain

The finest day that I ever had

Was when I learned to cry on command

My mother died every night

It's safe to say don't quote me on that

The black sheep got blackmailed again

Forgot to put on the zip code

Somewhere I have heard this before

In a dream my memory has stored

As a defense I'm neutered and spayed

What the hell am I trying to say

It is now time to make it unclear

To write off lines that don't make sense

One more special message to go

And then I'm done then I can go home

Depends on how you look at it... for 3 years we had it down to our waists. Was fun and we loved it, however soon it because MORE a pain. I mean SURE was fun in the wind and all that (as long hair on females isnt that common.. least THAT long) But to wash it was not fun. Spent more time in the salon then anywhere. So now its shorter but still on our backs =))))
good idiosyncrasies:

I twirl the remote when it is my hand.

I sing my own lyrics during extended intros of songs

I hum and toot on the phone when there is silence

bad ones:

I get hung up so bad.

I get attached too quickly.
It can take along time to care for my long hair.

I can spend about 15-20mins combing through it to just get all the tangles out, especially since it's pretty thick.

To me though, it's totally worth the time it takes to work with it because I like the way it looks.
bad things that go along with me

1. I'm a smartass

2. I do 800 ab exercises a day anymore because of poor self image

3. I never express my emotions

4. I annoy people a lot for no reason

5. I have a habit of sending pics of myself to people

6. I only shower when i have to

7. I sleep the majority of the day

8. I never act upon things

9. I come on here a lot

I have a Michigan mumble. Now I live in California where people can't understand me half the time


having quiet time to read and relax

art -- natural and digital

pet peeves

stupid people

dumb questions

CA drivers
Personality wise, I'm a bit vain and I can be a total smartass.

To be able to annoy the hell out of people if you want to....well... It's a badge of honor
Arakon... lets define him, Asshole unless something is in it for him OR you just get on his bad side and always manage to keep him pissed off in a "love to hate"

Hair... 20 mins?? Geez wish we would be so short.....

Remotes.. Ive managed to rotate the remote in mid air (twirl it around 360 degrees) and catch it in perfect spot.

CDs I put them on my finger and rotate them single handedly.

Mouse I can treat it like a track ball and run it without surface. Not a easy task to MANAGE it like if you use it normally. But quite conveinant if you are busy repairing or something and dont feel like holding it normally... just use your index finger to move the mouse.
when a game is loading i start tapping the tune it's playin on the keyboard with my fingers. Also i sing the lyrics to intro songs like i am right now to the intro music playin in sonic cd.

sonic boom sonic boom....
I love smilies...

I use them in almost all of my posts... unless I'm in a rush...


But I think smilies are really cool!

Ummm... I am obsessive compulsive, too. Once I start doing anything (computers, train set, homework, whatever...), I have to finish it before I can do anything else. I've gone days without eating before just 'cause I was so stuck on a report I was writing. I totally didn't even think about food... but when I was done, it hit me so hard... I ate like a pig the whole next day!