sonic 4/5/crackers roms

Well hold on now....he said Sonic 4 and 5....IF such a thing exsisted that would be public domain.....#### Id love to see new levels lol
and another moron less..

sonic "4" AKA sonic crackers does exist, as a beta (actually more of an alpha). it's basically a Chaotix-style game. never completed, there's only a level or two playable (which is still missing most parts too).
Hmm im just bored with sonic 1-3 and I mean IF someone MADE a sonic (not copy and paste from other sonics) id like to see it =)
It's not very playable. No point in having it other than as a curiosity, like the German City Ransom RCR hack...
Have you read the unfinished levels and details of all the Sonic saga?

Man, they`re good and the Sonic CD beta has a lot.
The rom that u see around of sonic 4 is pretty buggy .. I get stuck in air sometimes and walk on nothing .. its obviously incomplete .. but deffinately a real game by sega. And btw you said you were sick of playing sonic1-3. Why dont you try Sonic CD, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic Spinball ?