Sonic Adventure 2


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Okay.. The Man's (Knuckles
) levels are hard in SA2. I'm at the Pumpkin place (the second one with the trains, and pumpkins) and I got the digging thing, only that, this is driving me nuts! I have to dig everywhere, just to find the pieces of the Master Emerald. I wonder how The Man feels whenever he has to do this
Well, follow the clues from the monitors, and use that radar thing. Also, get used to the levels so you can fly over somewhere quickly. There is a Rouge level that wants you to do it in less than 3 mins, and was a total bitch...


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I breezed through that game... but that's what you get when you've been playin sonic since you were 3 years old. Let me just tell you that those radar things are veague as shit and you're better off thinking that everything is five feet farther away then the radar indicates.
Originally posted by IUG+June 11 2002, 20:32--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(IUG @ June 11 2002, 20:32)</div><div class='quotemain'>There is a Rouge level that wants you to do it in less than 3 mins, and was a total bitch...[/b]

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Just wait for the Rouge levels...specially the timed one[/quote]

Great minds think alike...


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Rouge... i hate that charecter just because there was no development on her part. No real plot twists for her other than the secret agent, no in-depth charecter etc... why did sonic team have to go mess this one up?
the relegation of tails to a mecha is what irks me.

i like being able to remove all necesity of skill from a game by being able to fly through an entire level. sonic 3's a really good example of this. also younger siblings (whom you should be nice to, no matter how much it pains you) and girlfriends usually want to play as tails, i believe this appeal is pr'lly lessened signifigantly by the placing the cute little fox into a gundam