Sonic Adventure 5 on the GBC?

So there I was at my local 2nd hand dealer, and what do mine innocent eyes stumble across?

A Gameboy Cartride with a nifty little label reading "Gameboy Colour," "Sonic Adventure" and "King of Fighters 98." Two games in one? 'Not quite' thought a skeptical I.

But I test it. It comes up with a game select screen, presenting my plethora of choises (2) with a spiffy little text-based menu. Upon booting Sonic, I discover it's Sonic 3D Blast 5, although strangely in 2D. And not the regular Sonic, but a half-assed, jump-on-enemy-you-die, spindash-into-enemy-get-knocked-out gameplay. It reminds me of the 'Sonic' for Snes...

And KOF 98 turned out to be a shiteful little game called "Raging Fight." The only thing 'raging' was the frantic as molasses...and made by Konami apparently...

And to bolster it's credibility, the whole thing was in Black and White. Not quite gameboy colour, eh?

Anyway, what the hell is this? Anyone encounter this obviously bogus cartridge? I was thinking about picking it up for novelty purposes alone, but it's $25 Australian and the bastards never haggle. So now i'm at a it worth it?
Guess i've come to a conclusion: It is HK Shit(e). And Ice, the label uses the Sonic Adventure cover and a trio of KOF 98 characters, but minimised for the cartridges convenience. The title screen (for sonic) is just a Black and White version of the 'Sonic 3D blast' titlescreen with a poorass little label running across the bottom, saying "5." There's absoloutely no attempt at professionalism here...To be blunt - it sucks.

On a side note, I was *given* Ms. Pacman for the GBC. Notice anything wrong with that? Ms. PacMan? Hey, at least i had a good laugh. Yes, quite.
Ms Pacman was a real follow up to the original title. In this case, "Pacman" is used as a surname, so I guess it works.