Sonic CD Beta


Mid Boss
I was just curious - one of the most recent topics of discussion (well, two days ago) in the ftp forum was Sonic CD beta. Me being curious, I opened it.

What the heck is Sonic CD beta, and why are there so many versions? Wasn't Sonic CD released as a full version? Any reason to pick the beta (minus sound?) over the original?
I think it's mainly for curiosity value.

It could be kind of interesting to see how the game evolved as it was developed and to compare it to the finished product.
and there is so many versions (3) because those are the various rips that have been leaked one way or another during development

the number afterwards defines the date is was from (either 409,510 or 712 (4th sept, 5th oct or 7th dec)
:bs No way you can have a 409 beta because its fake. It was made up by Pachuka over at Sonic Cult. The 510 and 712 betas are out there and I can tell you that they are real. Try doing a google search.
Once again, how does the word "fake" apply to the topic? Fake how? Fake as in it doesn't exist? Fake as in it doesn't work?

EDIT: Nevermind; this link seems to explain it fairly well.
They mean fake as in hoax, what they did was take one of the exsisting betas and hacked it to make it seem more beta, needless to say i was pissed when i found this out.