Sonic CD for Sega CD and PC

Right, I am currently in the middle of downloading a Sonic CD ISO to use on my new Sega CDX/MultiMega...

Anyways, I have Sonic CD on PC. Are the music tracks layed out the same so I can just rip it from my Sonic CD PC and burn it with the Sega CD ISO? I ask because I am on 56k and the audio is HUGE!

Thanks in advance for your help :)
well, the euro and jap tracks are different from the us ones, so only one of those two sets can be the same as the pc version

id suggest you get the tracks if possible, since that way the are guaranteed to be correct, but its upto you what you want to do

it should play ok with no audio tracks afaik
Well, I'm downloading a PAL Sonic CD ISO and my Sonic CD for PC was bought in UK....

I'll think I'll burn my Sonic PC tracks while I'm downloading the official tracks... I got CDs to spare, may as well check out any differences :)
I can confirm that Sonic CD can run quite happily without burning the audio tracks at all. Although this does detract from the gameplay tremendously.

By the way, where did you download the PAL version of Sonic CD? I have been looking for the PAL audio tracks for ages, but so far have been unable to find them :(
It isn't? Heh, sorry, if it bothers people, I'll get rid of it :)

Anyways, the Sonic CD on PC tracks are the same as the Mega CD version, and I did burn an ISO without music.... ugh... last time I do that again ;)

On a brighter note, I got my Multi-Mega Christmas Eve and I was bought a PS2 for xmas.... PS2 was unwraaped, played Smackdown for 5 mins.... went back to Sonic CD and Thunderhawk :) Ahhh, Sony and their crazy ideas for gameplay ;)

Changed sig just for you Curtis ;)

And to the guy looking for Sonic CD PAL... I got mine from #segaiso on EfNET :) Merry Xmas guys! :D
Strange... You said the tracks were the same? As far as I know, the music tracks in the PC version are the American ones, and the PAL version has the original Japanese music. Maybe you're downloading an American version converted into PAL somehow...
Hmmm, possibly... It said on the ISO it was Sonic CD Euro, so it could have just been the US version already SCDCONV converted to European, with the US MP3s....


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Sonic CD is the worst Sonic of em all, the scrolling yerks when Sonic runs too fast. And that makes it the worst :)
Megametal: Nah, I got the MP3s off of someone else because when I signed back on, there were no slots open :(

Anyways, these were lablled Euro Mp3s as well, I'll grahb them off Metal and see if they are the same...