sonic cd not so fabulous

first of all let me intoduce myself as some what of an... EXTREME SONIC FAN.

as in yeah i got all the games and completed them to state of total completion etc etc

so anyways i've noticed that alot of people seem to love sonic cd but i found it quite shit apart from the title screen.

bosses had some nice animation but thats about it.

im interested if anyone would like to comment about why they like it so much

(and yes, i do think the cartoon intro etc is CHOICE
I love it just because it's a top Sonic game! The graphics are great (although the framerate is questionable in places - god knows why), the different kind of speed boost is cool (up on the pad instead of down), the hidden stuff is worth playing for, and the music is absolutely fantastic (unless you own the US version - nothing wrong with it as such, but the music is different to the EUR/JAP version and quite forgetable.)

The bosses and the race with metal Sonic are also great.
how so is the music different?

i have the PAL version myself.

are the cd audio tracks actually different all together?
Yeah, all the CD audio tracks are different, and not as good. If I remember right the PCM audio tracks are the same in all versions.
I did not like much sonic cd too... I don't know why, but it does not play the same for me... that future/past thing annoys me!
I hate it... (u can beat me later

I also have the jap version of the game, but it does not display the cartoon intro, like the US one... is this correct???