Sonic CD PC Demo Game

Hi yall .. :)

I downloaded a Demo Sonic CD Game for PC .. i found it in .. i searched for sonic and got that Demo Version ..

As far as i know that if a company Posts a Demo Version of a game that means they should have the complete version for Sale.

So if anyone have any Information about the complete version and where can i by it please post here or email me at

Thank You :cool:
i have it :)

isnt really that big, either... from memory, about 20mb, plus CD audio and movies...

and it runs in a teensy leedle window :(
it can be run fullscreen though, but the resolution ist the same as on the original console. They also ported Bug, Panzer Dragoon 1 (I have it), Daytona, Virtua Fighter 1&2 (have both), Comix Zone and a few others.
I have the PC versions of Bug, Sonic CD, Daytona, and Comix Zone. The port of Comix Zone is pretty rancid (doesn't even use DirectX) and you would be better off playing it in an emu. Or the real machine.

I have to second the question though: What is Panzer like?
Shaneus, Your Sonic CD PC version is complete ?

If its complete can you please tell me where to get it from ? Thanx ..
You guys say that you have Comix Zone and other games, i had a Demo of Comix Zone .. if any of you have The Complete versions of these games please tell me how can i get it ..

Thank You.
I bought PD for PC off of ebay for about 10$ still sealed, and opened it and ISO'd it and sold it again for 15$. Its decent, and if anyone wants the iso I will upload it.
You guys still didnt answer my main question ..

I need someone to give me the complete version of the game .. if you have it please post your ftp info or at least how can i arrange a download ..

Post it here or email me .. Thanx :)