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I just got sonic cd and the whole past present future thing throws me off. Do you have to beat each level in the past to stop it from having a bad future or what? I'm confused here or is it just for replay value?
To get the 'Sonic made a good future in Act X' ending, you need to find and destroy a machine in the past. It's just a wreck in the present, so you can't destroy it then.

It's hard to explain what it looks like - you'll know it when you see it (destroying it also destroys all enemies in past/future but not present). It's *not* the Metal Sonic hologram projector (if you destroy this in the past, lots of animals appear in past/future).

Getting all the time stones will change all futures to good ones without you having to time-travel.
Also, if you manage to get the good future in both Act 1 and 2, then you get a good future in act 3 (the boss fight) regardless. If you get a good future in all the zones when you beat it, you get a better ending.
I've not seen anything diffrent in the you mean the FMV ending (stars falling, flowers growing...etc?)..or is there somthing i've missed?...I can remember seeing a screen that had sonic, amy (i think...), Metalix (or mecha/metal sonic , as MOST people call him!), and robotnick running about, and on occaision, stopping and standing still......Is this the 'better' ending u speak of or just the FMV part..?
this is all interesting -- I've just been playing it not even thinking much about all this

I do remember blowing a few of those machines up though