Sonic Limited Edition?

i was having a browse through some DC covers and noticed Sonic Adventure Limited Editon.

what is this? is it just a different box for collectors?
Not quite segasonic, Sonic Adventure Limited Edition was actually a US only release. Basically since you could rent DC units a few months before the launch of the system, this version of SA was created because the final retail version was not finished yet. SA:LE is a straight port of the original Japanese release but with the english voices and text added. This version was completed before SoA worked on getting the characters mouth movements closer to the voice samples (which they never did perfect, but in the final US retail version of SA, the mouths are MUCH more in sync than the ones in SA:LE and japanese SA were) and none of the internet features were added yet either.

So SA:LE was never offered in retail stores and was a rental only item. Sometimes you can come across used copies of it though.
You learn something new every day

The Jap one I'm thinking of is called Sonic Adventure International.
I remember renting that one from Hollywood Video with the Dreamcast early (don't really know why, my brother imported the thing in 98), but we played thorugh the entire game and beat it.