Sonic Music videos!


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Thanks to Raphaela we have 2 new Sonic the Animated Series music videos for you guys. She has made 2 really good ones here so get them in the movie section under misc! Good news too, they are both under 10MB so you 56k'ers have a chance at downloading them.

The first is called Glorious Day. This one takes the old Sonic the Hedgehog animated series that you remember form Saturday morning cartoons and mixes in the song Glorious Day by Weezer. A really cool combo if you ask me.

The second one also takes video from the old Sonic animated series but mixes in music with Hey Leonardo by Blessed Union of Souls. I personally like this one the best out of the two she made.

Again a big thanks to Raphaela for making these cool Sonic Music Videos for us to enjoy.