Sonic pinball party--gba


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I don't get this, this game cam out around june or the second week of june. And already this game is "rare" its selling for upwards of 70 on ebay... and no one has it gamestop, or EB... man wtf... does anyone have this?

Nope, never played it. Sounds really cool though. If it's anything like Sonic Spinball, that game was cool. Yes, Sonic Spinball actually did come out for the gba
yeah I played sonic spinball on the gba, but this game is brand new and already rare... wow. time flies I guess

no shit, I looked on ebay they have sold for upto 80 bucks.. man, I luckily caught one with a buy it now for 30.. sweet... now the dilemma to open... or not to open... (its factory sealed) damn... decisions decisions....