Sonic R

Try the analog (Nights) controller....ah screw it don't bother the game isn't that great...
Originally posted by Jaded God@Dec. 14 2002, 4:39 pm

Does anyone else find this game to have horrible controls, rendering it almost unplayable?

Actually I think it isn't that BAD...

It's not great... but is an above average game for me..
I like this game, much! The controls take a while to get used to. They are more race-ish than other Sonic games (oh, wonder why...) but they are great. Actually I love this game! I wish they had made a Sonic R 2 though, fixing up the errors of the first one.
Jaded God

maybe you're just not a good player
I don't blame Jaded God. The control IS difficult, and you guys wanna know why? Because the camera swings around the character in order to stay behind it, ALTERING the direction in which you're running in the process! Sort of as if the controller layout of which way is forward, backward, right and left rotated around the character along with the camera.

Anyone who doesn't understand what I mean: just turn your character around quickly, then push your controller straight upward and watch him/her running in a CURVE.
I found the controls quite easy with the analog controler. The game has good graphics and the music is "original", but it's just too easy, even in the HARD mode.

Nothing to do with Scorcher... yeah, that's hard!
The controls are hard to get used to, but it's not impossible to get used to them. I play the game using the d-pad, even if I'm used the 3D Nights pad, I switch it to D-pad. Sometimes, I don't even use either of them, just use the flippers to move around. After you get the courses down, you don't even notice the horrible camera angles. But my only complaint is that it's way too easy, can beat it in a little over 30 minutes.

It would be cool if they made a sequel with some better course, camera angles, and graphics.
Yeah! I agree with that sequel! They could fix the control, add some levels. Maybe use the same engine but optimize it so there will be less fade-in. Especially in two player mode.
2 player mode was unplayable!

Not if both players played it so much they can go trough the levels blindfolded.

I also think the controllers could have been better (I'm not bad at it though), but It would've been nicer if they've used the analog R- and L-buttons for gas and break instead of holding the analog stick up for gas. Since it is racing anyway.

The times I play it I usually play time attack or some of the other "minigames", where you're not limited by any time, just to run around wishing they would have made it to a platformer instead.